Hurricane Sandy

I wrote this the night of the hurricane. I thought I had lost it but here it is…i was a little bored that night.

Oh Sandy………

Hurricane Sandy came up the East coast this past weekend and decided to make a hard left turn right smack into New Jersey! I would like to thank her for allowing us to have a wonderful night of high winds, heavy rain, power outages, and many pictures online of complete chaos. I saw pictures of down trees, the ocean and bay meeting across islands, boats and houses floating away, and believe it or not sharks swimming down streets. Although the shark pictures could be up for debate it could happen right. I also was able to take a picture of our own personal destruction. A beautiful tree that has been in our yard for 25+years. My mom and dad planted it in front of our house. We had no idea it had gone down until mom looked out the front door. Out of all the trees in our yard we thought this would be the last to go down…boy were we wrong. It will be so odd to look at the house and not see it.

Our power went out earlier today and after a few hours came back on for about an hour or so and went off again. It tried a couple times after that to come back but didn’t work. I would like to thank the electric company for working so hard to restore power. You never realize how important something is to you until it is gone. I would also like to thank all of the emergency response personnel for helping to keep us updated on the storm and evacuations as well as rescuing so many who thought they could wait it out. I don’t know what in the world they were thinking…

I have surprisingly only heard the fire sirens a few times today. I was expecting to hear them more. I hope this means that people were smart enough to stay off the roads although some of the pics on Facebook would tell a different story. But it wasn’t just cars on the roads. I saw a video of someone riding their jetski down a road on LBI I think that’s where. Probably not the smartest thing that person has ever done. Along with videos/pictures of people on the roads their we’re a ton of trees down on houses, cars, and power lines. I have an idea although I can’t take credit for it how hard would it be to think about putting the power lines in the ground and get rid of telephone poles…ok I know I know it probably has been thought about. But in storms like these you wouldn’t have to worry about trees coming down on lines plus there would totally be an advantage to not having telephone poles the stupid and drunk drivers wouldn’t be able to hit them…but that I’m sure would be a huge debate on what would be better.

Now can we take a look at the whole shark swimming down the street thing…WHHAATT! (said how Lo would say it…in complete shock..) That is crazy. I saw two different pictures online. One looks like a shark swimming down the road like he is going to work singing along to the radio. Almost like something you would see everyday going to work. IDK it kinda looks like maybe someone got bored and has the latest photoshop and got a little drunk at the local hurricane party. The second one looks like the shark is just chillin out in someone’s front yard maybe wanting to join in on the local hurricane party maybe waiting for someone to feed him. IDK it seems crazy! I would die. I can tell you two things that come to mind one not that I have ever wanted to walk through a flood but I for damn sure will not now and two if I was thinking to myself I’m not going to evacuate I’ll just ride it out and then saw a shark trying to move to higher ground I would be asking him for a ride too. Crazy stuff going on today.

Today was my Dad’s birthday as well. I know he probably wanted to let us know he was around but this is a bit much. I would of been ok with a little storm but instead we got a crazy hurricane that just won’t give up…

I feel like I have completely gone on and on about the hurricane but it is 11pm here in New Jersey and I am up keeping an eye on our fire and not falling asleep with this crazy wind. I feel torn about waking up in the morning. On one hand the storm will be over but on the other we will be able to see the destruction that Hurricane (enter explicit word here) Sandy has left for us and our neighbors.

My white flag is up and I’m surrendering…TKO GOES TO HURRICANE SANDY…


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