Holidays…it is amazing how much we can pack into the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Between eating your face off, getting a Christmas tree, putting up lights, listening to Christmas music 24/7, and buying presents. You can’t forget about getting together with your families. This year was a little different. I still did all the things above but I also worked at the storm center in Manahawkin which in the beginning of December started to turn into a toy drive. It was a very rewarding opportunity to help so many people with supplies for storm clean up and to make so many Christmas dreams come true for kids.

The day after Thanksgiving Brayleigh’s gravemarker was laid.

It is beautiful.

We went to Smithville to see the light show and have dinner at Fred and Ethels a couple times this season. We saw Santa and he asked Lorelai what he wanted for Christmas. Her response was a bike for my friend Londyn. When asked again her response was a bike for my friend Jackson. Everytime you asked Lorelai what she wanted for Christmas she always said a bike for her friend Londyn. One time she said a gray bone for her dog Wave because he likes gray bones. This girl always amazes me. She has a huge heart. I love her so much.

As I sit here on the couch the night after Christmas I look back on this holiday season in remembrance. Remembrance for those we lost this year and those we have lost in past years.


I am ready for the new year to be here.


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