Father’s Day

Tomorrow is Father’s Day.  I am not 100% sure how Sean feels about this.  I am sure very similar to how I feel on Mother’s Day.  I know it is hard because it wouldn’t be fair to Lorelai for us not to be just as happy as would be before Brayleigh.  We will wake up, Lo and I will make breakfast, and celebrate the awesome dad Sean is.  But something will be missing.  Even though Brayleigh will be missing in person, she will always be with us in spirit.  

I think that probably the hardest thing about Father’s Day is finding something for Sean.  One of the things I like most are cards.  I love getting/giving a card just because, holidays, etc… But trying to find a card in the card isle for a father who lost his second daughter is a lost cause.  I know that a lot of people feel like this topic of pregnancy and infant loss is so hush hush.  But please know that this is a real thing.  1 out of 4 women will go through what we went through or something very similar.  For me I can get a card from Lorelai and add Brayleigh’s name.  What about the many women who don’t have other kids?    What do they give to the man that has been there for them every step of the way after their loss?  What about the father’s that might have lost an older child?  I am not saying that there needs to be a huge selection but just something that we can give to the men in our lives that deserve it the most.  Something that acknowledges that they have a child in heaven.  

I want to wish all the fathers with kids on earth and in heaven a wonderful Father’s Day!

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