I am Tess…the loving and sometimes cranky wife. The little sister. The daughter. The aunt they call Sissy. The loving, caring, and protective mom. The (bad) singer of songs. The one who loves butterflies. The boo-boo fixer. The planner. The cook. The washer of all things dirty. The girl who will cry at a sad song. The surprise gift buyer. The back and shoulders for free rides. The reader. The writer. The person who wishes you didn’t ask how many kids I have. The mother of a beautiful daughter here on Earth and one in the skies as my butterfly.

I started blogging to help with my healing process along with hopefully helping others.  My plan on here is to not only talk about my experiences but to also add some fun things to do with your family/friends. If there is anything you wish to ask me please feel free. I am pretty open about this stuff. I want to bring more awareness about pregnancy and infant loss.

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