Homemade Christmas Gifts

As christmas approaches, I know it is not even Halloween yet, I have been finding some great homemade gift ideas on Pinterest. I am going to share a few on here. I plan on making a lot of these this year. They are all so cute and great ideas.

First is a glass ornament with a wedding invite in it.  I have already made a few of these and it only takes a few minutes. First you need to go to Michael’s or AC Moore and get glass ornaments.  If you are a teacher go to AC Moore show your teacher ID and get a discount. Take the wedding invite and cut it into strips.  Then take the strips and wrap them around a pen or pencil and put them into the glass ornament. Add a charm to the top and now you have a cute gift idea for the new bride and groom or a christmas gift for their first christmas together!

Second is Hand Painted Linen Towels. I love giving gift baskets as gifts or making them as auction ideas. Here is another great idea.


fabric paint, brushes, painter’s tape, water, drop cloth or craft paper, linen fabric, sewing machine, thread, pair of scissors

Directions :

Begin by cutting the linen into
the size of the item you’d like to make.  For a napkin, a 20-inch square is a standard size, and 24 by 30-inches works great for kitchen towels.

Allow 1-inch extra around the perimeter for the seam.  Place a piece of craft paper on your surface before beginning. Place the linen down and use painter’s tape to create
stripes.  For a ‘plaid’ effect you’ll need to do the perpendicular stripes in separate phases. To make the paint, mix the color you’d like to use, then dilute it with 2 parts water.  Dip your paint brush in the paint, then dab off until almost all of the liquid is off of the brush, leaving only a small amount coating the bristles.  This is called a dry brush method.  Lightly begin to brush the liquid on with even strokes.  Continue until all of the stripes are a homogeneous color and intensity. Remove the tape and repeat to complete your selected pattern.  Let the paint dry for several hours.  Hem the edges of the linens with a 1/2 seam.  Wash in cool water and press.