Butterfly Dreams

Butterfly Dreams…

Many cultures believe the that butterfly is a symbol of a soul or of a passed love one. I have heard many stories of a butterfly appearing at a specific moment when only a loved one would know to. I have also seen this happen. The one I saw gives new meaning to butterfly kisses. Butterflies have become a big part of my life. I find them to be fascinating. This is why I started Butterfly Dreams. To me some of the butterflies I see hold certain dreams. These dreams are the ones they were meant to be spent with the loved ones that have passed. My biggest Butterfly Dream is of my daughter Brayleigh. There are certain times I see butterflies that it reminds me of the dreams I had of my family. The little baby who never came home with us, the little sister that Lorelai doesn’t get to grow up with, and the family with dreams of becoming four. Yes those were the dreams that I felt were lost better yet taken away from me. But now I can look back and see that those dreams were not lost. Brayleigh did come home with us just in a spirit that I know is always around. Lorelai plays with her little sister in the form of a bear that she plays with and sleeps with every night and she will get to grow up with her memory in her heart. Our family still became four but our forth is in heaven watching over us.

This Christmas I asked for cards to place on our christmas tree that were addressed to Brayleigh. On Christmas Day we opened them. There were messages about love, remembrance, and strength. Love of a baby that didn’t take a breath of air, remembrance of a girl who touched so many hearts, and strength for a family that will pull through together.

This holiday season we were surrounded with loved ones both family and friends. These are the people who were there for us through the ups and downs of the roller-coaster we were put on blindfolded on March 27th. These are the people who helped us make decision we were never prepared for, the people who are always there to talk to, and the people who mention her name. I am forever grateful for these people and you know who you are!!